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Exploring ways to enable simpler understanding and application of Regulatory Compliance for smaller firms and start ups through collaboration and innovation

  • Regulatable is about sharing thoughts and information on how to enable non-legal experts in small business and start ups to understand regulatory requirements and how they apply in a straight forward way without the complexities.

  • Regulatable is also about raising  the awareness of innovation in the regulatory technology - RegTech -  space and collaborating on  how we can best use technology to simplify compliance by design for application, monitoring and regulatory reporting. 

Regulatable is about sharing information and helping each other along the way.


What in the world is going on?

Insights, personal reflections and highlights from around the world.


What caught my eye this November?  - Conversations with the great and the good.

- Collaboration is key

- Taxonomy, Ontology & Standards create common understanding

- 2022 looking good for NZ RegTech

Navigate Regulation relatable to you

' I don't know what I don't know'

Does this sound familiar ? It was a common theme from my interviews

Use the link below to find our what you might need to know for your Business compliance.

Regulatable helps you to triage your needs allowing you to target time and money with professional support when and where it is necessary.

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Know enough to create your shippable  MVP

You have your product and are ready to go to market, but have you considered regulatory compliance implications that potential customers may require? This could be a costly gap and set your launch back both in time and money.

Have you considered impacts of -

  • Data usage and Privacy

  • Anti Money Laundering

  • Offshoring


Have you got up to date access to the information that you need?

Are you an organisation relying on volunteers to operate. How do you keep up with regulatory changes that may impact you, how do you and your volunteers know to be compliant with...

  • Privacy Act

  • Consumer Law

  • Health & Safety


How do you balance doing Business with maintaining compliance?

As a Small Business owner the focus is on the product - your area of expertise. How do you keep up with regulatory change that may impact you whilst maintaining those critical Customer relationships

  • Know your Customer (KYC)

  • Privacy

  • Financial Services Legislation (FSLAA)